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The Social Black Belt (SBB) is a fun-filled, “innovative” youth prevention program. Behavioral research indicates that by developing and strengthening protective factors in youth, significant decreases are noted in at-risk behaviors, like bullying, substance abuse, and school dropout. Additionally, resilient behaviors are noted, as well as marked increases in attendance, achievement and graduation rates.

Our program is based on the 10 Truths from the bestselling book Your Mind: An Owner’s Manual for a Better Life by Christopher Cortman

Truth #1

Emotions are not mysterious visitors: they can be identified and understood.

Truth #2

You can change your compulsive behaviors if you change your thoughts and address your feelings.

Truth #3

Every behavior has a underlying purpose, and it's not always what we think.

Truth #4

We all sabotage ourselves unless we confront our internal saboteur.

Truth #5

All behavior requires permission so we must learn what we're permitting ourselves to do.

Truth #6

Emotional energy is finite and needs to be invested rather than wasted on wishing, worrying and whining.

Truth #7

Our relationships depend on self-empowermentand not enabling others.

Truth #8

Ego boundaries protect us from rejection, insult and intimidation.

Truth #9

You can trust people to be who they are, not who you want them to be.

Truth #10

Time doesn't heal all pain. We heal ourselves bylearning how to let go.

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